Discover the Story Hiding in Your Dog’s DNA

Welcome to the Wit & Wisdom blog—your source for pet parenting information and inspiration.

Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about companion animal genetics. You’ll discover how DNA and breed history can impact your pet’s behavior and health. And—though we may occasionally wade into the weeds when it comes to the science side of things—you’ll get actionable pet care tips and ideas. 

We hope you enjoy joining us on this journey of discovery and appreciation for our four-legged friends!

Ready to celebrate the joys of pet ownership?

The mission of WISDOM HEALTH™ veterinary science and research is to facilitate responsible pet care by enhancing the well-being and relationship between pets, pet owners, breeders, shelters and veterinarians through valuable insights into pets as individuals. Through the genetic testing of dogs and cats we aim to make advances in science towards a better world for all pets so their owners can love them longer.

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