National DNA Day was founded to commemorate the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953. We love this day here at Wisdom Health. It gives us a chance to celebrate the work we do and educate pet owners on the benefits of genetic testing.

Breed detection

Many people know that performing a DNA test on a dog will reveal its breed make-up, but they may not know how we’re able to create that ancestry tree. For our WISDOM PANELTM canine DNA tests, we examine your dog’s DNA at 1800+ points (markers) and evaluate them using an advanced algorithm and more than 17 million calculations. The algorithm uses information from our extensive sample database to analyze your dog’s potential family trees going back three generations. You can learn more about what’s behind the science on our website.

Genetic health screening

In addition to breed detection, DNA testing allows us to screen for genetic mutations that may affect the health of your dog. Genetic mutations are often thought of as an issue affecting primarily purebred dogs. However, our research shows that, while less common, mixed-breed dogs can still develop genetic disorders. That’s why it’s important to test all dogs and gain an understanding of their disease-related genetic make-up. Our WISDOM PANEL Health test screens for more than 150 disease-causing mutations across sixteen body systems. The genetic health screening section of our website offers more info on the mutations for which we test.

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