Puppy Bowl XVI: Meet the (Adorable) Players

The Big Game is right around the corner. This Sunday, February 2, at 3 p.m. ET, Team Ruff and Team Fluff will take the field for Puppy Bowl XVI and a chance to claim the coveted Lombarky trophy.

The winning team will need speed, stamina and tenacity—as well as an enthusiasm for fuzzy toys and a decent attention span.

Who will have what it takes? We ran WISDOM PANEL™ tests on all the pups to find out.

Digging Deeper with Dog DNA Tests

Because Puppy Bowl players were drafted from shelters across the country, their breed and genetic health profiles were largely mysteries. That’s where Wisdom Health came in. By running DNA tests, we were able to identify valuable information about each of the puppies.

For example, we uncovered their breed backgrounds and ancestry trees, which offered useful insights into their unique personalities and natural abilities. (Knowing who’s built for power and who’s born to run is certainly helpful when setting a lineup!)

WISDOM PANEL™ Health even screens for genetic health disorders, such as Exercise-Induced Collapse—a condition that causes weakness, incoordination or even collapse after strenuous exercise.

Puppy Bowl XVI lineup

Get Ready for Puppy Bowl XVI

Excited for the biggest game on all fours? View the Puppy Bowl XVI player profiles and start making your predictions for which team will bring home the trophy this year.

And be sure to check back after the Puppy Bowl premiere on Sunday, Feb. 2—when we reveal the DNA results for all of the players.

Test Your MVP

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