If there’s one thing all dog owners agree on, it’s that dogs have super powers. From their ability to make us smile on a tough day to the way they motivate us to get outside and have fun, dogs have special gifts that they share—and usually when we need them the most!

Beyond their capacity to impact our everyday lives, they also possess instincts and physical abilities that enable them to perform truly heroic feats. These inherited traits and characteristics are something we know a thing or two about here at Wisdom Health. That’s why we’re so excited to be a part of Mars Petcare’s sponsorship of the upcoming movie, Superpower Dogs. This immersive IMAX® experience follows the real-life adventures of dogs who show us what happens when innate skills are matched with rigorous training—then put to the test in life-saving situations.

Meet the Superpower Dogs

Henry—a Border Collie whose intelligence and herding instincts help him during avalanche search and rescue missions. Border Collies are also able to learn a surprising number of words and commands. And, their high energy level mean that they are happiest when they are given a job to do every day!

Ricochet—an emotional support dog who, among other things, surfs with people who have physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities. Being a Golden Retriever, she is gentle and empathetic, and is always eager to learn and please. Goldens are also bred to be great water dogs, so it’s no wonder jumping on that surfboard feels so natural.

Tony and Tipper— Bloodhound brothers who patrol the savannah in Kenya protecting endangered rhinos and tracking down poachers. Their incredible sense of smell makes them ideal partners for investigations. In fact, Bloodhounds can track a scent for up to 130 miles even when it’s more than 10 days old!

To learn more about the other amazing dogs in the movie, visit superpowerdogs.com.

The Importance of Health Screenings

To perform the missions asked of them, these dogs have to be in tip-top shape. For our contribution to this incredible film, we ran WISDOM PANEL™ Health tests on the dogs and screened for over 150 health conditions. The circumstances these dogs work in are grueling and the stakes are high. Having visibility to any possible health issues helps their team keep them healthy and able to go above and beyond when lives are on the line. We’re happy to report that the dogs we tested came back negative for all of the genetic mutations we screened for!

Now, sit back and watch these canine heroes in action in the trailer below, and in IMAX theaters in select locations.

Watch the Trailer